Sunday, January 13, 2013

Current updates

Not a whole lot new going on here so I thought I would throw out a few updates on the kiddos.

Baby girl just turned 9 months.  She is still suffering with cough/congestion from the flu 2 1/2 weeks ago.  We have added Vit C and Vit D drops to her food and add a pinch of Tumeric as well.  I'm going to be adding garlic to my diet to pass that along to her as well.  There is so much sickness going around here, at church, etc....I'd like to boost the kids immune system.  In the developmental area, she is getting very close to crawling.  I think she is working on a few more teeth (she only has her bottom 2 right now).  She LOVES playing peekaboo with us, she claps alot now, she is eating more solids.  We have tried oatmeal, carrots (not a favorite) and sweet potato (loving it).

Our little girl has been potty trained for a week and half now.  She is doing fantastic!!!  She wears underwear all day (diaper at night but wakes up dry) and wears underwear out in public all the time. Now we are working on washing hands....she tends to like to play with the soap if she is alone and we find a mess in the bathroom!

Our oldest 3 are doing well.  We are currently enjoying our history lessons (their favorite part of the day).  We are going through American history and they love the lessons!  Our 5 yr old will be starting school full time soon.  Our school year (180 days) ends this month but our oldest has already moved onto some grade 5 subjects, and our boy is continuing to work on his grade 2 subjects.  

Hubby has been going into work early, early for 2 weeks now.  Tomorrow starts his regular hours again which is nice.  Still no news in the house hunt.  We are beginning to look but nothing to note as of yet.  Nothing new with that's it for the updates!


  1. Thanks for the updates. Sorry to hear Baby Girl is still having issues since the flu. We pray she'll be all over it soon. Sounds like you've got some good remedies for helping. We are so proud of our girl with getting potty trained so quickly. I can just picture her with washing her hands by herself! :-) Great the 3 oldest are doing so well with their schoolwork. Seems if I remember right, when we home schooled, our kids really loved the US history, too.

    Love you all

  2. I'm so pleased to hear everything is going well with you all. Pray our little sweetheart gets over the remains of the flu soon. Lots of fun when she starts crawling. :) Glad to hear our other girl is doing so well with potty training. They do like playing with soap,and in water don't they? Nice to hear hubby's hours are getting back to normal once more. School sounds like it's going very well too. Continuing to pray the Lord will direct you to the house He wants for you. Thanks for the updates Alissa.

    Love to you all,