Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy 10th birthday

Our girl is 10 today!  Double!  Since we had a potluck to prepare for (and she didn't have a theme picked out) we decided to go with a specialty cake from Dairy Queen.  It was delicious!!!  She had a great day, spending the afternoon with her friends from church at our potluck get-together.  Our girl is becoming quite the young lady.  She loves to help around the house, loves to help with her baby sister, helps with teaching her younger siblings, loves to clean (I'm loving that!), wants to be in the kitchen, loves to laugh...write stories...and draw pictures (she is quite the artist!).  I'm so very proud of her and her desire to grow in the Lord.  We love you so very much.

Also to update on our potty trained girl.  She wanted very much to go to church in underwear and she did great the whole day!  She woke up first thing this morning and went to the potty herself (she stayed dry all night).  She asked to go potty at church all day and afternoon.  We are so proud of her accomplishment!  I can't believe we no longer need diapers......yay!


  1. It sounds like Kailey had a wonderful day on her birthday and her cake looks delicious. What a great helper you have with her willingness to do so much for you and her siblings - she is a remarkable young lady.

    Congratulations to your younger daughter with her potty training - she certainly sounds determined to stay out of those diapers - what a good thing for you as well.
    Hope you are all feeling better after your bout with the flu - the video of baby girl made we want to just pick her up and hug her.

    I so enjoy your pictures of the family and all that they do - it keeps us in touch and makes it seem like you aren't so far away.

    Love and hugs to everyone.

  2. We love our birthday girl so very much, too!!! She is one sweet girl!!! That's great that she is such a big help. What a blessing she is to all our family!!! That is a very cute picture of her with her delicious looking cake. Glad her birthday was a special day for her especially being the Lord's Day!

    We are so proud of our potty trained girl!!! That is great and what a savings you'll have now not having to get diapers for her.

    Good to see Aunt L. on here.

    Love you all

  3. Well, I'm a little late commenting here. It will be better when I get a computer of my own again.
    I'm glad our wonderful girl had a great day celebrating her birthday with her friends at church. The cake sure does look delicious!! I love her birthday picture too. She is growing up so quickly.
    How nice for you now to have another girl on her way to being trained. They do love wearing their cute little underwear, don't they?

    Love to everyone