Friday, January 25, 2013


Not too much change going on.  My left ear is definitely open now and I can hear on that side!!  The right ear is still completely closed BUT the drops are starting to make their way into the ear which tells me the swelling must be going down somewhat.  Hopefully within the next several days it will open up.  If not, I'll probably have to go for another doctors visit Monday to maybe flush the ear or something.

Nothing else going on here.  We've taken the week off of school....I just wasn't up to it at all.  The kids I think are bored!!  I have been able to get some reading in which is nice.

Baby girl is crawling now.  She made her way across the floor last night and all the kids were excited to watch.  I'll have to see if I can get a video of it.

We have started looking for houses.  We went to view one house last Saturday which turned out to be a little disappointing.  The house would need alot of work but the land was beautiful!!  I think we are off to see another house this Sat. as well.  We'll see what comes of that.  It would be so nice to move in somewhere before spring (wishful thinking??).  In His time!


  1. happy for you that things are progressing with the ear(S)....we will be thinking about the happy house hunting as well in these days ahead.Give our hello's to everyone;)

  2. Sweetheart,I'm so thankful to hear of improvement with your ears. Praise God for answered prayer. Praying the swelling will go down and there will be no problem from having this.
    Great news about our little girl! She is growing quickly. A video would be nice to see for sure.
    I'm excited about the house hunting. Praying for God's direction in this.

    Love to all of you