Sunday, January 20, 2013

What did you say????

I can't hear.  My ear is completely closed.  I had a sore lymph node behind my ear which led to a completely swollen ear and pain/swelling down to my jaw  It is excruciatingly painful!  I told hubby I think I would rather give birth than have this!  I went to our after-hour clinic here and the doctor thinks it may be swimmer's ear.  I brought up the idea of shingles and he said it is too early to tell, but I could start antibiotics for it as a precaution.  Shingles of the ear can actually be quite dangerous leading to something similar to Belle's palsy (?) where part of your face droops and you could get permanent hearing loss.  I was given drops for my ear for swimmers ear and since the antibiotic for shingles is safe during lactation I think I may start it as well.  The last thing I want is my baby girl getting chicken pox's from her mama!!
I hate the thoughts of putting drops in my ears....freaks me out!  Here's hoping the next 10 days go by quickly and I can hear once again.


  1. Oh my!!!!! So sorry!!! That has to be so awful!!! We got swimmer's ear a lot when we had our pool when the kids were young and it sure is painful! I don't ever remember it affecting our jaws except if we opened our mouth wide. Then it made the ear hurt worse. Also, bending over and belching made it really hurt badly, too. Sure hope it's not shingles 'cause swimmer's ear is bad enough! Praying for you. Hope the drops help real soon.

    Love you all

  2. Oh dear! Much sympathy! I hated shingles and I had to worry about vision and hearing loss, the developed an allergy to the medication! (and be sure everyone knows you are taking the medication for shingles!!!... a story I'll relate to you more privately). Anyway, use that sign language you took! :) Hope it gets better and no side effects! Praying for you!

  3. ...not fun..praying for you mama:)