Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

There have been posts I've wanted to write over the holidays, but with going away and then coming down with the flu, I just haven't been able to blog like I wanted.  A quick update on everyone one here first.  The kids are doing so much better.  They still have coughs and congestion (some more than others) but are all active and playful.  Our 5 yr old has coughing fits (mostly at night) that almost bring about vomiting each time.  He gags so much and cries because he hates to cough.  Our baby girl has a nasty cough as well, but other than that they are all doing quite well.  Hubby has had to go into work this week very early to try and get a project completed.  No vacation for him this week!  He is still trying to recover as well, so he is quite exhausted by the time he gets home.  I have only a cough to contend with, so I think we are all on the mend finally!  Now comes the task of catching up from holidays/sickness.  I still haven't unpacked since returning home!!!  I see mounds of laundry in my future :)

Some updates on baby girl.  Over the holidays she FINALLY got a tooth!!  Actually 2 teeth.  Eight and a half months is very late for teeth budding with our children, but I'm glad she finally is getting them.  She has also started clapping which is so cute.  Her smile has returned once again which makes me a happy mama!

Our oldest is also going to have a birthday on Sunday.  Hard to believe we are entering the double digits with her!!  She is turning into quite the young lady.

Other than that, it was quite the quiet household here last night as the new year rang in.  It will be exciting to see what God has in store for us this year.


  1. So glad to hear you are all doing better. I pray our boy will get over this bad cough he has and will have a better appetite. I'm glad to hear you are relieved in the teeth which have come in. I can hardly wait to see pictures of our oldest girls birthday. She is becoming so grown up. As far as the new year,I'm sure God has great things in store for you all. I'm looking forward to the many blessings He will bring your way.
    Lots of love to all of you.

  2. It is good to hear that everyone is getting better. My what an ordeal that flu bug was and still hangs on with the cough! :-(

    So glad for Baby Girl's teeth and so glad she's got back her smile! I remember well 10 years ago when our oldest girl came into the world. What an exciting time and now here is her 10th birthday. This is quite a big time for her and yes, she is quite the young lady- beautiful inside and out! We're so thankful for her!!!

    Happy New Year and we do pray for God's blessings for you all this year.

    Love you all